Thursday, December 30, 2010


my memories float like clouds in the vast sky which is my mind.
sometimes the clouds are nothing but neon smoke that lights up the entire sky . other time times they are deep shades of grey without any silver linings.but my favorite ones are the golden clouds that outshine even the sun with their brilliance.these might be a few but i know they'll be there forever , even after the neon colors fade and the grey evaporates.
my golden memories will be the ones worth living for.

made up

i look at the cup of coffee in my hands.it is perfectly smooth, made of sea foam like blue porcelain. delicate and fragile, just like those happy dreams i had once wished to live. but that was another life. the life that ended when the nightmares began. the happy dreams started to haunt me and make me believe that i could never ever get what i wanted. that i would never be as good as i wished to be. that reaching the top required a ladder that would always remain elusive.
i take a big sip of the hot brown liquid and burn my tongue in the process. a voice in my head says ''serves you right for wanting more than you deserve ''. the other voice agrees.
this is the story of my life.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

hello exams :)

Haven't posted anything in a long time , I am in the middle of school exams.oh.snap.

after my exams ,I'm doing a phtoshoot with my friends ! omg I'm soooo excited already ! 
so many ideas buzzing in my head , its got no space for chemistry or physics really .lol
One of the shoots will be a continuation of some pictures i took this march ... inspired by lazy summer days..only they're going to be be crazier this time :D

Posting the old ones..

Omg these pictures make me want to start shooting NOW.
Too bad :(